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P/C Last Unwelcome Guest Ring, Bow, and Spear

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Ring: STR +4, DEX +5, INT +4, LUK +5, HP +60, MP +61, W.DEF 100, M.DEF 102
Bow: Speed +12, DEX +1, W.ATK 100
Spear: W.ATK 106

Also, a 3rd unwelcome guest bow: Speed +10, W.ATK 92

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BanditHelper Level 178 Broa Bow Master
Part 3 will end in a little less than 3 weeks. As for the equips, they're worth a ton, but I'd wait until after the event to sell them unless you get an offer of 500mil+.
Sep 13 2010
spear u can sell 4 bout 90-115m
Sep 13 2010
Kuroi Level 158 Bellocan Paladin
I got that spear and it wold kinda fast at like 7.5m, but these people saying it sells for 100m are probably wrong, 1) the alien equips are worth a lot because they are statless requirements, most warrior equips dont require any stat except sometimes STR, which is not a problem. 2) Its speed is slow. Most spears up to 70 are normal speed, then even after that there is lv 85 sky ski that is 94 att 10 acc normal speed. People are more likely to pay 100m for that, then 100m for a spear that is a little weaker than dragon faltizan, and only slightly more than FF
Sep 13 2010
GeoTang Level 61 Scania Mechanic 2
Nah, people pay for it for the novelty I think.
I honestly would rather have something slightly worse if it was cooler.. but then again there are nx covers.
Sep 13 2010
MadMan00 Level 140 Mardia Mechanic 4
The next patch is the 28th, that's when it ends.
Sep 13 2010
Is off topic but
P/c 1st Ring 1/2/1/1 (lv47 one) anyone? what about belt 4/4/4/5 Potential? (also lv47 one)
Sep 13 2010

last unwelcome ring going down like crazy [/quote]

What makes you say so?
Sep 13 2010
GeoTang Level 61 Scania Mechanic 2
Rings are dropping that much? I thought they barely dropped =[
Sep 13 2010
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