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P/C Last Unwelcome Guest Crossbow and 3rd Bow

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Last Unwelcome Guest Crossbow
+1 Dex
103 W. Att
+11 Speed

The 3rd Unwelcome Guest Bow
90 W. Att
+10 Speed

How much appropriately in Bera. Thanks!
Posted: September 2010 Permalink
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Idk the price but ill buy the xbow for like 40m, 1st unwelcomed str dagger, and 2 onyx apples . yeah i dont have much but its worth a shot .

i saw a 104 atk last unwelcomed xbow 2 line potential 6 slots for 100m if that helps with your pricing.
Sep 28 2010
Maybe sell crossbow when WHs come out? Price will probably inflate...
Sep 28 2010

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