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Anyone else think Dan Schneider is perverted?

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you know the creator of drake and josh, icarly etc.

Well i personally think he somewhat is
i dont know maybe its just me maybe im just perverted but look at this from icarly

freddie says JlZZ


Dirty Joke

spencer is wet

these are just a few of the many inappropriate things on icarly

Edit: i almost forgot the biggest inappropriate thing on icarly

yea i know.....
ZeroFriendsLevel 61 Windia Crusader
Posted: September


TV shows?
ChatLevel 11 Demethos
Sep 13 2010
I didn't even see that 8=D thing.


I lol'ed.
Sep 13 2010
i think he said shiz
Sep 13 2010
yes finally someone else sees this
me and my cousin agreed that he is pervert
theres so many sexual jokes in it(icarly) and also
in victorious
Sep 13 2010
yea i know icarly is one of the biggest shows nick has ever had but i feel a bit worried when my 10- year old cousins and sis/bro watch this
i wouldnt want to explain to them why nevel acts like a girl
ZeroFriendsLevel 61 Windia Crusader
Sep 13 2010
You noticed it
free321123Level 73 Windia F/P Mage
Sep 14 2010
I'm pretty sure hes saying Chizz .__.
ValentinoLevel 130 Khaini Mechanic 4
Sep 14 2010

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