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Anyone else think Dan Schneider is perverted?

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Sep 13 10
Windia Crusader
you know the creator of drake and josh, icarly etc.

Well i personally think he somewhat is
i dont know maybe its just me maybe im just perverted but look at this from icarly

freddie says JlZZ


Dirty Joke

spencer is wet

these are just a few of the many inappropriate things on icarly

Edit: i almost forgot the biggest inappropriate thing on icarly

yea i know.....
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Sep 13 10
DemethosGMS Pirate
TV shows?
Sep 13 10
Khaini Marauder
I didn't even see that 8=D thing.


I lol'ed.
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Sep 13 10
Bera Priest
i think he said shiz
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Sep 13 10
Scania Aran 3
yes finally someone else sees this
me and my cousin agreed that he is pervert
theres so many sexual jokes in it(icarly) and also
in victorious
Sep 13 10*
Windia Crusader
yea i know icarly is one of the biggest shows nick has ever had but i feel a bit worried when my 10- year old cousins and sis/bro watch this
i wouldnt want to explain to them why nevel acts like a girl
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Sep 14 10
Windia F/P Mage
You noticed it
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Sep 14 10
Khaini Mechanic 4
I'm pretty sure hes saying Chizz .__.
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