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Sep 19 10
Mardia Paladin
well sadly i cant play for a while but i still wanna know whats goin on. so mardia, whats happenen. whats new?
whats bad? whats good? potatos?
New MapleStory Screen: My 1st zak run
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Sep 19 10
Scania Page
Deff potatoes.
Sep 19 10
Mardia Paladin
awshum. anything else? any bad hackers? price changes? anything?
New MapleStory Screen: My 1st zak run
Sep 19 10
Mardia Shadower
I'd also like to know.
Sep 19 10
Mardia Phantom 4
Uh...we...um...nothing much has happened recently actually. Unless I happen to miss all the smega wars D:
New MapleStory Screen: Vermillion boars :]
Sep 19 10
Mardia Hunter
Not much excitement lately. Sorry to disappoint you, bud.
Sep 20 10
Mardia Corsair
Sep 20 10
Khaini Dragon Knight
I switched outta mardia because the community is crap and the economy is in the sh__ter.
Sep 20 10
Mardia Blade Master
wellllllllllllll i leveled from 103-108 today is that good enough news?
New MapleStory Screen: Lvl 28 vip xbow 122 att clean! New MapleStory Video: Level 171 Dual Blade solo Bodyguards & Boss
Sep 20 10
good news and bad news, which one you want to listen first.
the good news is i get lots of mesos in mardia.
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