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Spirit of Rock wont spawn?

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Say "no" to plagiarism quest. is there something you need to do to make him spawn in Area D? I walkin there and there is always nothing. Im level 40, is there a certain level requirement for him to spawn?
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IliekAranDx Level 208 Scania Kaiser 4
Make sure you start the quest, and I think you need to wait for a bit inside the map where Spirit of Rock is and it'll appear.
Sep 22 2010
New Screen: Tree decoration :d
uLtimatefx Level 175 Bera Aran 4
Someone killed it in the channel you are in, most likely.

Change channels and go back to the boss spawn map, and you should see it there.
Sep 22 2010
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Gnawliryc Level 75 Windia Battle Mage 3
@Pot8o: ive killed several SoR with a friend. just keep ccing
Sep 22 2010

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