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Sep 22 10
Broa I/L Arch Mage
Say "no" to plagiarism quest. is there something you need to do to make him spawn in Area D? I walkin there and there is always nothing. Im level 40, is there a certain level requirement for him to spawn?
Sep 22 10*
Scania Evan 5th Growth
Try a different channel until you find it.

edit: it should be there the moment you walk in the map. if it is not, try a different channel.
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Sep 22 10
Scania Aran 4
u have to make the quest
while quest in progress go to the last map and talk to the guy then go to the end and it will be there

try different ch also.
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Sep 22 10
Scania Kaiser 4
Make sure you start the quest, and I think you need to wait for a bit inside the map where Spirit of Rock is and it'll appear.
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Sep 22 10
Windia Blade Lord
Pot8o: Make sure your doing it by yourself, not with a party.

you can kill it with a party, just whoever doesnt get the notes needs to get them next time
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Sep 22 10
Khaini Marksman
Someone killed it in the channel you are in, most likely.

Change channels and go back to the boss spawn map, and you should see it there.
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Sep 22 10
Scania Hero
dude, i soloed it at lvl 38
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Sep 22 10
Windia Blade Lord
Pot8o: ive killed several SoR with a friend. just keep ccing
New MapleStory Screen: Level 100, got dual blade mask
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