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The pronunciation of "Wacom". (The tablet makers.)

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So, I always thought that Wacom was pronounced "WAY-com", but apparently it's pronounced "WAH-cum". Is there anyone else who pronounced it the way I did?

The way I found out was looking at a video on how to change pen nibs on Wacom's website. I guess it's kind of irrelevant, but I thought it was interesting.

Now you can correct your other artsy friends and be like, "Pshhh, and you call yourself an artist? It's WAH-cum, not WAY-com, you dunce." (At least that's how [i]I[/i] felt.)
FahlaLevel 183 Bera Bishop
Posted: September


Whack-um. LOL. That is just me [:
bookofheavenLevel 108 Nova Paladin
Sep 24 2010
I thought it was, "Wuh-comb"
OxStarxOLevel 55 Scania Wind Archer 2
Sep 24 2010
I always said it as "wuh-comb/cum"
Sep 24 2010
I always say wah-cum.
LaniqueLevel 136 Bellocan Evan 9th Growth
Sep 24 2010
I thought it was WAY-com too... D:
Susie9187Level 51 Bellocan Assassin
Sep 25 2010
none of my friends are ''artsy''
Sep 25 2010
Lol, I found out the proper pronunciation the exact same way.
I still pronounce it way-com, though. It just seems more natural to me.
KonataATLevel 200 Bellocan Shadower
Sep 25 2010
When having a discussion in Dutch, I pronounce it Wah-cum.
When having a discussion in English, I prounounce it Way-com(e).
SkyenetsLevel 205 Scania Evan 10th GrowthReconcile Guild
Sep 25 2010

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