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How to get Hero's Will?

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Assazinader Level 147 Khaini Bishop
So, is there a guide on basil to get this skill? Because I couldn't find it.
Or if it's simple enough to explain through here, do tell please.
Posted: September 2010 Permalink


Isnt it Echo of the Hero? The level 200 skill, correct?
Sep 26 2010
pownner Level 174 Bellocan Blade Recruit
Talk to Carta the Sea Witch, she will give you the quest.
You will need mini pianus to get inside, and then you collect 40 of those rock thingies.
After that she will tell you to get some bracelet and that griffey drops it, she will also tell you
to go to Eurek the Alchemist. You will need to kill griffey and collect 10 mithril plates if I remember correctly.
After that you will get Hero's Will.
Sep 26 2010
WheresMyPho Level 141 Bera Mercedes 4
What does Hero's Will do? o-o
Sep 26 2010
Or just wait for the Big Bang patch and you will get the skill without doing the quest.
Sep 26 2010
Warbutcher Level 202 Mardia Blade Master
What does Hero's Will do? o-o[/quote]

lets you (party?) escape from any abnormal condition with a cool down... max level is 5 i believe...
Sep 26 2010

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