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Unanswered UA Question

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I read alot of threads about UA's, but I couldn't find an answer to my question.
Can you make a dual blade UA? I mean db's ARE considered adventurers... So I was just wondering if you can or can't.
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That would be sick if they did that.

As in awesome
Sep 26 2010
Boonyboonboon Level 66 Galicia Aran 2
Nope you cant
Sep 29 2010
sufian Level 202 Windia Kaiser 4 Waltz Guild
Your question will remain unanswered 'till it comes to GMS, seeing as DB's were only a limited edition class to KMS, whereas they are a permanent addition to GMS.
Also, I heard that out of all the UA's to make, a Thief class is the worst, seeing as the Vampire skill they have is badly nerfed, and the original wasn't all too good in it's own right.
Sep 29 2010
Making a UA DB is useless as I see it...,vamp sucks lmao
Sep 29 2010
justsofly Level 210 Scania Evan 10th Growth
I don't think so, because if you look at it right now, DB's have a totally different category similar to the legends/CKs (meaning you have to choose specifically that character to make that job)
Sep 29 2010
Well Vampire saves health pots generally. It does suck in mobbing
Sep 29 2010
Well Vampire saves health pots generally. It does suck in mobbing[/quote]

hell no
vampire+critical+venom is almost always better than avenger and stuff
Sep 29 2010
Lets make the most op class more op shall we?
No. Just no. Dbs don't deserve to get a UA...or to be permanent for that matter.
Sep 29 2010
Satoshi1234 Level 134 Bellocan Kanna 4
You can't via the lvl 120 Cygnus method, since it's only normal adventurers, but if you do the level 70 Ultimate Adventurer Quests on a DB, then you can get Vampire and that -10 level requirement skill thing.

@above: Not now, but don't worry, we'll be nice and weak after the big bang. XD
Sep 29 2010
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