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Sep 26 10
Bera Blade Recruit
I read alot of threads about UA's, but I couldn't find an answer to my question.
Can you make a dual blade UA? I mean db's ARE considered adventurers... So I was just wondering if you can or can't.
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Sep 26 10*
Scania Crusader
That would be sick if they did that.

As in awesome
Sep 26 10
Scania Dark Knight
We don't know. DBs aren't availble anymore in KMS
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Sep 29 10
Galicia Aran 2
Nope you cant
Sep 29 10
Windia Kaiser 4
Your question will remain unanswered 'till it comes to GMS, seeing as DB's were only a limited edition class to KMS, whereas they are a permanent addition to GMS.
Also, I heard that out of all the UA's to make, a Thief class is the worst, seeing as the Vampire skill they have is badly nerfed, and the original wasn't all too good in it's own right.
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Sep 29 10
Bera Dawn Warrior 3
Making a UA DB is useless as I see it...,vamp sucks lmao
Sep 29 10
Scania Evan 10th Growth
I don't think so, because if you look at it right now, DB's have a totally different category similar to the legends/CKs (meaning you have to choose specifically that character to make that job)
Sep 29 10
Nova Kaiser 4
Well Vampire saves health pots generally. It does suck in mobbing
Sep 29 10
Scania Magician
Jonathanian: Well Vampire saves health pots generally. It does suck in mobbing

hell no
vampire+critical+venom is almost always better than avenger and stuff
Sep 29 10
Lets make the most op class more op shall we?
No. Just no. Dbs don't deserve to get a UA...or to be permanent for that matter.
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