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Ultimate Adventure Combinations!

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Sep 27 10
Khaini Xenon 4
First: Mr. B can you make a sub-sections for Ultimate Adventures (ULAV)? Would ease things up.

On-Topic: Well the idea is, what kind of combination would you want to make with Ultimate Adventure? What job+CK skill do you want? I'd love to have a Hero+Divine Charge skill Faster Zombie/Undead monster training.

What's your combo?
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Sep 27 10
Khaini Blade Lord
DB+Vamp. Less going back and forth for HP pots, meaning more money for MP pots.
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Sep 27 10
KradiaEMS Dark Knight
Spearman+Soul Driver

Just cuz its plain awesum
Sep 27 10
Renegades Kanna 4
F/P + BW. Epic fire lord
Or I/L + BW for ultimate element ownage
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Sep 27 10
KradiaEMS White Knight
You know that skills like Divine Charge can't be added to an UA right?
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Sep 27 10
Broa Luminous 4
Hey if you're an F/P + BW, can you Mist and Gear at the same time? @__@"
Sep 27 10
Broa Luminous 4
Dit and Vamp. I steal your money, items and HP
Sep 27 10
Galicia F/P Arch Mage
Unfortunatley I think the only CK skill warriors can get is the mob attack, and you cant choose them. But just for shiz and giggles that'd be rad.
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Sep 27 10
Bera Phantom 4
triple throw + triple throw = six throw + shadow = twelve throw = a super over powered sin ?
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Sep 27 10
pip: triple throw + triple throw = six throw + shadow = twelve throw = a super over powered sin ?

wut r u talkin about
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