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Ultimate Adventure Combinations!

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ShadeCombo Level 200 Khaini Mihile 4
First: Mr. B can you make a sub-sections for Ultimate Adventures (ULAV)? Would ease things up.

On-Topic: Well the idea is, what kind of combination would you want to make with Ultimate Adventure? What job+CK skill do you want? I'd love to have a Hero+Divine Charge skill Faster Zombie/Undead monster training.

What's your combo?
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Spearman+Soul Driver

Just cuz its plain awesum
Sep 27 2010
IceFrappe Level 216 Broa Luminous 4
Hey if you're an F/P + BW, can you Mist and Gear at the same time? @__@"
Sep 27 2010
Niyame Level 161 Broa Luminous 4
Dit and Vamp. I steal your money, items and HP
Sep 27 2010
MrMission Level 81 Bera Chief Bandit
Unfortunatley I think the only CK skill warriors can get is the mob attack, and you cant choose them. But just for shiz and giggles that'd be rad.
Sep 27 2010
triple throw + triple throw = six throw + shadow = twelve throw = a super over powered sin ?[/quote]

wut r u talkin about
Sep 27 2010
wut r u talkin about[/quote]

I lol'd. I thought the exact same thing.
Sep 27 2010
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