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Ancient Scroll where do I find them again?

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bleubaibi33 Level 171 Bera Marksman
Ok.. Sortaa off topic but... I was doing the Manji's Ragged Gladius quest... I know.. its not even worth it but meh the sword looks sorta kewl you know, gold colored and alls XD Umm.. I managed to get the rest of the items I need but I still have hard time looking for an Ancient Scroll.. from what I heard Dark Stone Gollems are supposedly drops them as a regular item... Is it really that rare? cause I literally killed like 1K+ kills of them still NO DROPs... T^T help? DX
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i got one after about 10 minutes of grinding there, didnt know they were so hard to come by
Sep 28 2010
benguin Level 108 Bera Battle Mage 3
Drops from mixed golems, quite rare.
I found one, but dropped it cause I thought people gave up questing for it :o[/quote]
lol sux and I know numerous ppl still do it and the sword can sell for 10m+
Sep 28 2010
@ Sudo: Wait, Mixed Gollems? I should try them from the mini dungeon ok.. thanks ^0^[/quote]

go to the Forest of golems instead, way more mobs, which is great for an aran
Sep 28 2010
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go to FOG trainning in there you will get 1 after 2 level
Sep 28 2010
abgl015 Level 186 Broa Bow Master
Its dark stone gollems, not mixed golems, so your best bet is going to FoG.
Sep 28 2010

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