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Answer to BasilVersary's first riddle

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Like the title says did anyone figure it out yet?
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Yes, it's quite easy.
Think of "big" men in popular towns, and think about hats with buckles that are relevant to them.[/quote]
Dont give hints!

Yea the riddle was easy, I figured it out in 3mins or so.
Oct 01 2010
Yeah, but it was just a lucky guess...
Oct 01 2010
Was it given out at 8:00 BT? So close to being first.
Oct 01 2010
The riddle was easy, just took a bit of scrolling to find it. But this event's gonna be fun; wonder how the prizes will be decided?
Oct 01 2010
lol I hate riddles -_- I suck at them.
Oct 01 2010
LEGENDairy Level 112 Scania Wind Archer 3
I figured it out. You should too. Otherwise there'll be too many people too give away 10k NX and a netbook to.

@above: dude, c'mon don't ruin it.
Oct 01 2010
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