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Answer to BasilVersary's first riddle

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Like the title says did anyone figure it out yet?
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rod7 Level 50 Bera Beginner
Aw, I was hoping I would be the first one to guess it.
Oct 01 2010
Yes, it's quite easy.
Think of "big" men in popular towns, and think about hats with buckles that are relevant to them.[/quote]
Dont give hints!

Yea the riddle was easy, I figured it out in 3mins or so.
Oct 01 2010
Yeah, but it was just a lucky guess...
Oct 01 2010
Was it given out at 8:00 BT? So close to being first.
Oct 01 2010
The riddle was easy, just took a bit of scrolling to find it. But this event's gonna be fun; wonder how the prizes will be decided?
Oct 01 2010
lol I hate riddles -_- I suck at them.
Oct 01 2010
LEGENDairy Level 112 Scania Wind Archer 3
I figured it out. You should too. Otherwise there'll be too many people too give away 10k NX and a netbook to.

@above: dude, c'mon don't ruin it.
Oct 01 2010
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