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good place for farming gaia capes?

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LittleTLK Level 201 Broa Beginner
They are worthless, except for the pink one. Just saying[/quote]

The guy is obviously potential hunting. That's not worthless.
Oct 02 2010
Captains (the blue pirates in Herb Town) have a minidungeon for them.
They drop white gaia capes, white seraph capes and silver metal earrings, as well as chaos scrolls.

EDIT: gold drop earrings, sorry~[/quote]

i agree
i found 3 capes there
Oct 02 2010
Aranboy1999 Level 130 Bera Aran 4
Red Slimes.. got a White Gaia cape (No potienal though)
Oct 02 2010
but why would anyone drop money on a potential gaia cape instead of a PAC/PGC?
Oct 02 2010
GuitarrFreaak Level 90 Kradia Blade Lord

There is a 10% chance it has potential. .211111% of it dropping. Most you can probably make is 200m if your very very very lucky.
Oct 02 2010
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