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What is the best way to get Bronze+Steel Ores?

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Oct 03 10
Windia Blade Acolyte
Hello, i'm a lvl 41 Dual Blade in Windia and I was wondering what's the best and quickest way to get bronze+steel ores.
I need the ores because of a quest i'm doing.
The quest requires 2 bronze plates and 7 steel plates. T_T
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Oct 03 10
Scania Dark Knight
Wooden and rocky masks maybe? I get a lot of bronze ores at ToT and steel ores at skeles but I always end up dropping them D: Maybe u should ask ppl in leafre for the ores xD
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Oct 03 10
Broa Wild Hunter 4
I would suggest you buy them from either FM or outside KPQ.
But if you wanna hunt them yourself...
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Oct 03 10
Bera Dark Knight
buy it from kpq pplz

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