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What is the best way to get Bronze+Steel Ores?

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Hello, i'm a lvl 41 Dual Blade in Windia and I was wondering what's the best and quickest way to get bronze+steel ores.
I need the ores because of a quest i'm doing.
The quest requires 2 bronze plates and 7 steel plates. T_T
Posted: October 2010 Permalink


Wooden and rocky masks maybe? I get a lot of bronze ores at ToT and steel ores at skeles but I always end up dropping them D: Maybe u should ask ppl in leafre for the ores xD
Oct 03 2010
xco0kieee Level 180 Broa Wild Hunter 4
I would suggest you buy them from either FM or outside KPQ.
But if you wanna hunt them yourself...
Oct 03 2010
shadow1049 Level 116 Bera Dark Knight
buy it from kpq pplz
Oct 03 2010

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