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Quickest way to Ludibrium/Eos tower

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Im in victoria Island and after quitting for 1 and a half years I cant remember the quickest way to get around.

Help pl0x
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teleport to a family member in ludi/orbis, if in orbis then boat to ludi


catch boat from ellinia to orbis, then orbis to ludi.
Oct 03 2010
1 - Ellinia
2 - Ereve
3 - Orbis
4 - Mulung
5 - Herb Town
6 - Aquariam
7 - Korean Folk Town
8 - Ludi

Fastest way.
Oct 03 2010
jorden27 Level 141 Yellonde Aran 4
go to orbis through erve, then go down the orbis tower till u get to aqua road once ur undersea an **out of the tower** use a town return scroll. then talk to the dolphin and click the least expensive option you should see a portal in the top right corner, go up the well and then you should be in korean folk town (kft) go into a portal with a book hovering above it. then go up the tower to the 2nd floor and wait till the elevator open go in it when it opens wait till you will get out of it use another return scroll, and bam your there. sounds long but it actually saves **a lot** of time.
Oct 03 2010
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isnt there a scroll
Oct 03 2010
StealthClaw Level 211 Windia Paladin Memories Guild
If you have eos scrolls/ludi capsule and warp cards from the quest at naut:
1 Naut > Omega Sector
2 Eos scroll/warp capsule

There, fastest non-family tele way.
Too bad you only get 1 warp card and the quest isn't repeatable.
Oct 03 2010
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this is the fastest way (unless you have a ludi capsule thing. i heard they existed at some point)[/quote]

It is the fastest way. You can only use a Ludi capsule in ludi/omega sector.
Oct 03 2010

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