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"Connection with the server cannot be established" error?

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Oct 03 10
Okay, so I tried running maple after reinstalling it, and it shows up as "working on the new patch" and then it says "connection with the server cannot be established" So I tried the manual patch. I ran it, and it froze on the first .wz file, didn't make any progress. Is anyone else getting this? Can anyone help? Thanks!
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Oct 04 10
This is me as well....... Rage quit MS
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Oct 04 10
That happened to me. I just tried logging in through the website. It worked. Go and try
Oct 04 10
Did you try reinstalling it? It happened at my house, and we reinstalled it. It works now (after 5 attempts).
Oct 04 10
Hiro - I tried that, it didn't work.

persephone - I reinstalled it, didn't work.
MapleStory Screen: Godly 6 str 14 dex 8 acc 7 spd neos pant
Oct 07 10
It's not working for me too
I tried to clear history and cache - didn't help
tried remove and reinstall - didn't work
tried to allow - didn't help
checked router - no difference
tried manual patch - got stuck when on "3/3 creating base.wz" - can't even see the bar
tried to log a tix - who knows when they gonna get back to me
Oct 07 10
it happened with me, If you only run firefox it might be the problem...The only thing wrong wit mines was that for some reason my proxy server for my internet explorer was turned on, So open internet explorer then go Tools>>Internet Options>>Off Proxy Server (Or just reset it to default settings), After i did that it worked perfectly ^^ give it a try<3
Oct 07 10
Khaini Aran 4
I think it happened to my friend too. All I know is that it finally patched once he tried to log on another account. When on his main account it wouldn't patch, but on his secondary one it did. I don't know why or how, but it worked for him.
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Oct 07 10
Are you guys patching from GameLauncher?
Oct 07 10*
Khaini Shadower
Ok guys i had the same problem but this SHOULD fix it so do this exactly

1.) Right click your maplestory
2.) Click "run as" (If this option does not show up drag your maplestory to your toolbar on the bottom so that it creates a shortcut for you and then try it again)
3.) Select a different user that is an admin on the computer you are using and run it as that person(If you dont have another account go to control panel and create a new user and give it admin privilages).
4.)Once you clicked "run as" and selected the different user it should DL the patch just fine,i load my maple through "gamelauncher" so it could be a bit different,so if you dont run yours through gamelauncher you should,i think there is a thread telling you how to do it on basil if you dont know how.

Hope this helps someone out xD
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