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Copying MS to new computer. Help Please.

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Oct 06 10
Windia Shadower
So I got a new computer today, and to avoid the long download time for MS i figured i would simply move the program files from my old computer to my new one, however when i attempt to start the game it wont launch. It says there are compatibility issues, this happens when i attempt to use GameLauncher and when I attempt to launch from the site. Does anyone know of the correct way to transfer MS files from one computer to another? Both computers are W7 64 bit. Any clues? Thank you.
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Oct 06 10
I'm not good with technical issues but try right clicking the maplestory icon and "Run as administrator". This is how I solved the same problem on my Vista laptop.

Your welcome.
Oct 06 10
are u sure u copied all the files?
u could either move them via usb (easiest and fastest way, 4GB is optimal so u can do all the files at once)
or u could burn maple to a disk and just copy them to ur new computer after u put it in
Oct 06 10
when it says there are compatibility issues, you have to make sure you press the "run program" button, or whatever it is. as long as all the files are there, it should run just fine.
Oct 06 10
Bera Xenon 4
U forgot the file that u download off the site. It's something like NGMGameLauncher? U have to login to the site first and try starting the game. Then it takes u to download that thing and ur done. That's all it took for mine.
Oct 06 10
Windia Shadower
BlueMoon you might be correct, I am doing that now to see if it helps thank you so much
Oct 06 10*
Bera Blade Master
If you're copying the files from another computer then all you need is the Nexon folder.
After that, if you play MS through your hard drive, then double click gamelauncher.exe.
Click "start game" and then press "continue" when the UAC prompt shows up.
After that, click on "don't show this message again" and click "run program".
Now click "start game" and you're in.
Oct 06 10
Bera Night Lord
check the resolution... In the folder MapleStory says "Setup" later "no" and it will change the frecuency.
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Oct 06 10
Bera Corsair
Do you have the problem where hackshield loads and nothing happens after it's done loading?
Oct 06 10
Bera Dark Knight
copy everything into a big usb (lik 8gb or so, n i mean just the whole file n get rid of all screen shots if there is any in there), i did it, last time i copy to a friend usb, maple took up 6gb and his usb was 8gb, it work for me so gl.
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