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crystaice Level 52 Broa I/L Wizard
I remember when birthday candles/cakes raided all training grounds in Victoria Island during 1st anniversary!

It doesn't all have to be memories back when Maple was first created or a time frame near that. Just share what you remember when YOU first started maple.
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hyperfire7 Level 230 Bera Aran 4 See what games, anime & art hyperfire7 is intohyperfire7
I started in November 2005, with a STR Mage..(later made a fighter who reached Lv57, but got hacked a year after I joined.)
Following are the list of experiences that are absolutely concrete in my head.

Beginning memories:
When I first came to the world of maple, only Maple Island, Victoria Island, Florina Beach, Orbis and El Nath existed.
There were only Scania, Bera and Broa servers when I started. (I think it was originally only Scania and Bera).
You used the DICE to set your stats, the button for Auto Assign AP didn't exist, and you didn't have beginner skills. (Was really tempting for first-time magicians to add AP into STR)
The PIN system didn't exist until later on when Nexon noticed account hacking became an issue.
The old cursor!
The old World Map that only displayed Maple/Victoria Island.

Past event memories:
I remember hunting birthday candles on 1st Anniversary for Red/Blue Gift Box, which was used to get a random chance to obtain Maple Dana 06', or those useless cakes)
Until 3rd anniversary, Anniversary monsters were spread across the entire Vic Island. Now Nexon threw them all into Sweek Cake Hill.
I actually found a Big Puff Daddy alone in Sleepywood, was soloing it for about 5 min, then another person came, used Smega, and lots of people came. I never got a single Maple item from that monster.
Getting the "Maplestory" letters during Thanksgiving event. The letter "M" was the rarest and the most expensive.
Wish Ticket event! I managed to get a Herculean Helmet from that. I desired an Eclipse Cloak too.
7/4th event with Cody! There was a huge flood of Independence day hats in 2007 from monster drops. I got sick from looking so many of them.
Halloween event with Malady! Hunting for Candies and getting the Pumpkin Basket/Malady Candy was fun.

Here were my training grounds as clear as I can remember:
Lv1~7: Maple Island. (Duh.)
Lv7~10: Snails/Slimes in the Good ol' HHG1.
Lv10~13: Still HHG1. (Never bother to go to Pig Beach because each channel had 30+ players)
Lv13~20: Slime Tree (Vac Hacker's favorite map). I remember getting a ton of Metal Axes/Fork on a Stick.
Lv20~26: Ant Tunnel I.
Lv26~38: Orbis Tower 20th/18th floor.
Lv38~43: Jr.Cecelion/Grupin/Lioner in Orbis.
Lv43~50: Copper Drakes/Fire Boars in Dangerous Valley 1 (Another favourite of the Vac Hackers).
Lv50~55: Golem Temple (NOT the same as FoG).
Lv55~57: Coolie Zombies.
10%/hr from Lv30 and higher was average for me.
Tauromacis/Taurospears/Wild Kargos were also popular for Lv 65~80.
Gobies/Spirit Vikings were the end game training spots.
Many of these following Hidden-Street never had open channels/extremely crowded: (Pig Beach, Slime Tree, Blue Mushroom Forest, Forest of Evil) Now all of them are desolate.
Some of the maps got a change of what monsters spawned there. Ex: Copper Drakes/Red Drakes were replaced by Wild and Fire Boars in Dangerous Valley I, there used to be Green Mushrooms on the top platform of HHG1, Horny Mushrooms in Ellnia tree dungeons replaced by Bubblings.

Town memories:
Game Zone even back then was empty.
Henesys wasn't as crowded back then.
Perion Ch1 even more crowded than today's FM Ch1.
Orbis/El Nath/Ludi Ch 1 were also pretty hectic.
Camilia and Bruce in Henesys, Ayan in Perion, Betty in Ellinia didn't exist till Version 0.3x.
People actually used equip making NPCs like Mr.Thunder and Gordon to produce equipment Lv 50+.
Drop game was more popular back then.

PQ-related memories:
Everytime I KPQed, I waited 1/2hr to experience a measly 5min PQ -_-.
Already fed up with the patience required from KPQ, I only LPQed ONCE (was unsuccessful) then quit. Still haven't done another LPQ from that very day.
Orbis Glitch PQ, messing with my Modem. I always got in trouble by my parents cuz of that. Haha.
Zakum PQ was considered a challenge back then.

Mushroom Training Camp! Those hippy looking apple suits were the bomb.
People actually had "Noob Sets." Lv60+ Players disguised themselves as noobs by wearing Lv10~15 equipment, and wait until some mediocre players called you noob, you would change right back to your original outfit and show them wrong.
Color differences on scrolled items (like the blue/purple/yellow glow) didn't exist.
I remember clean Lv90+ equipment were in the tens of millions because they only dropped from Zakum/Papulatus.
The infamous, rarest of the rare Nameless Sword with its hot pink glow. I've only seen one person with that sword.
I've never seen a Maple Blue Dana 06 until the recent dupings.
You were considered a pro Sin if you threw Tobis. I was using Wooden Tops/Wolbis on mine.
No one cared about DPM.
No such thing as dexless builds, heck even low-dex was extremely rare.
When I was around Lv5x on my fighter, I remember going to Mushmom/Zombie Mushmom and wait till it spawns and kill it. (I never had enough acc to hit ZMM though =P)
There were memorable players other than Fangblade, such users are SteeI, Tiger, Suuushi, BSCULA and Diego.

And I remember much much more.
Oct 08 2010
Anything from;
- Moosetrainer
- FoG
- Perion FM
- Panlids
- The original Bob
- Tauromacies were god himself.

I really can't remember much more, there was not much besides Victoria Island.[/quote]

Oct 08 2010
people were afraid to scroll anything
Oct 08 2010
Freaking 30 coupon question on kpq. =__=[/quote]

35. Warrior str. And passing lead to get a new question.
Oct 08 2010
AngelicDemon Level 71 Bera Hermit
Anything from;

- FoG
- Perion FM
- Panlids
- The original Bob
- Tauromacies were god himself.

I really can't remember much more, there was not much besides Victoria Island.[/quote]
i remember me starting to lag the day that cash shop started
remmber that people trained at zombies till realy late lvls?
i remmber that all the pro of all ms where in chan 1 el nath
it was so nice you walked there and saw all lvl 50-60-70 godly sins and fighters
just wow i miss the old times
Oct 08 2010
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