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Question about best magician equips

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Can someone list the names of the best magician equips for me in terms of INT or Magic Attack Clean?Like for example,the overall armor that has the most INT in GMS clean.Btw I'm not LUKless.

I need someone to list the names for Hat,Necklace,Overall,Gloves,Shoes,and Shield.
Posted: October 2010 Permalink


Hat - Chaos Zakum Helmet
Necklace - Chaos Horntail Pendant
Overall - Timeless Myst Blue
Glove - Timeless Hermosa
Shoe - Timeless Cabatina
Weapon - Elemental Staff 5/6/8 / VIP Staff
Shield - VIP Magician Shield
Oct 09 2010
Thanks,but how about the 2nd best magician equip for overall,glove,and shoe?clean?and oh yea how about best cape and belt?
Oct 10 2010
after that you're gonna say 3rd best?
Oct 10 2010
it depends if it will be kinda hard to get.
Oct 10 2010

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