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My Laptop keeps shutting down

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Well I'm trying to keep my laptop on overnight so my friend can send me something, but I left it on and it just shuts down while I'm sleeping. It's an Alienware m11x. I turned off basically all power settings, I keep it on cool wood, and it's plugged in. So I don't understand what I'm missing.
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It's on a solid hardwood desk and the room was air conditioned. No virus because I have McAfee as it came with my laptop.
Oct 12 2010
When you boot up, does it do anything out of the ordinary?
For example, does it say "Windows has encountered an unexpected shutdown, blah blah blah. Start up normally? Run in Safe mode? etc?"

Are you leaving your laptop lid open or closed? There is a setting about hibernation/sleep mode if lid is closed for X amount of time.
What are you trying to transfer? Why only at nighttime? What are you using to try and transfer x?
Oct 12 2010
No i tdoesn't it acts normal, I leave open, there is a setting but it was open and i turned off all options.. Transfering through aim a cd download setup, I have the cd but not a cd rom as the alienware m11x lacks it, It takes a long time since aim so we decide to leave it on at night.
Oct 12 2010
Your laptop lacks a cd rom drive?
Have you tried finding an external cd rom drive? I know the teachers at the county schools have tablet laptops but they don't have a cd rom drive either. They have a USB plug-in cd rom drive.
Oct 12 2010
i know of that im planning to get one but id like to fix this problem for future problems
Oct 13 2010
AIM may be memory hogging because of the file transfer.
Sometimes, computers can run out of memory and have to shut down.
This is just a guess. =/
Oct 13 2010

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