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Oct 15 10
Scania Blade Lord
i mean is it a scroll or wat? a cash shop item? and wat does it look like? because i never hammered anything before....
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Oct 15 10
Mardia Kanna 4
Scammers Guild
Cash shop item. After you buy it you click on it. It will ask you to place the item in the boxed area, do so and wait for it to load. It is then hammered.
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Oct 15 10*
Bera F/P Mage
It's a cash shop item that gives equips one extra slot. A maximum of two can be used on any one item.

Crud, double ninja'd...
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Oct 15 10
Zenith Shadower
I can see the double entendres that will result from this.
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Oct 15 10*
Scania Aran 4
i hammer my nuts o_0
Oct 15 10
Bellocan Cannoneer 1
A hammer doesn't help a weapon!IT DESTORYS THE WEAPON!
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Oct 15 10
Windia I/L Arch Mage
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Oct 15 10
Windia Corsair
Buy hammer
Use hammer
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Oct 15 10
Broa Shadower
Hammer time!
-uses 8.9k nx-
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Oct 15 10
Scania Thunder Breaker 4
Go from behind and make sure the person doesn't see you.
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