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Oct 18 10
Scania Fighter
I like Naomi and Full Bangs

way to move it to the right section (:
Oct 18 10
Windia Wind Archer 4
Runway, Full Bangs, Roxy, Sunflower power, and my favorite, simple bun
MapleStory Screen: 137 bowmaster range - 11165-13135
Oct 18 10
Windia Bishop
ravishing raven, twin tails, zessica in anything but black.
Oct 18 10
Galicia Bishop
I personally like Desert Flower, Cecelia Twist, Curly Stream, Maiden's Weave.
Oct 18 10
Scania Blade Recruit
Mine isn't on the list yet.. Mr.basil is too lazy to add it
MapleStory Screen: Olivia chair w/ friend & other thing
Oct 18 10
Bera Paladin
Designer fo sho
Although you can't get it anymore SO...
MapleStory Screen: Ssssscreeper's fate
Oct 18 10*
Ballroom Classic, Lovely Ladyhawk, Model's Ambition, Simple Bun, whatever hair GinSaan has.
Oct 18 10
Windia Blaze Wizard 2
Ceceilia's twist, however you will not be able to make it spectacular like me so don't even try
Oct 19 10
DemethosGMS Evan 9th Growth
I like Designer, Evan, Full Bangs, and Short Shaggy~ I guess I like short hair better.
MapleStory Screen: Astaroth girl
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