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Best Female Hair?

Fashion Forum Talk about NX, MS Fashion and names


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I like Naomi and Full Bangs

way to move it to the right section (:
Oct 18 2010
xNightlady Level 190 Windia Bishop
ravishing raven, twin tails, zessica in anything but black.
Oct 18 2010
I personally like Desert Flower, Cecelia Twist, Curly Stream, Maiden's Weave.
Oct 18 2010
Ballroom Classic, Lovely Ladyhawk, Model's Ambition, Simple Bun, whatever hair GinSaan has.
Oct 18 2010
Iceheart1111 Level 120 Windia F/P Arch Mage
Ceceilia's twist, however you will not be able to make it spectacular like me so don't even try
Oct 18 2010
I like Designer, Evan, Full Bangs, and Short Shaggy~ I guess I like short hair better.
Oct 19 2010
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