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Nov 05 10
Windia Fighter
Anyone know where i go to get there?
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Nov 05 10
Broa Night Lord
its in singapore,
go 2 truckers
and its the portal on ur mid-left
Nov 05 10
Windia I/L Arch Mage
Okay, go to the map where Truckers is ( Singapore)
Then, you would see a second portal at the middle Platform.
That will take you to Ulu city =]
hope this helps ;D
Nov 05 10*
Khaini Outlaw
Whats at Ulu City?

->I have no idea how to get there
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Nov 05 10
Bera Jett 2
senhao93: Whats at Ulu City?

->I have no idea how to get there

New high-lvl training area added in last nights sm.
Nov 05 10
Galicia Wind Archer 4
ya its at the truckers map in singapore. then to the top left then after that map its to the top right. u pretty much have to be at least 80 or so to get to it

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