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How to get to Ulu City

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telllos Level 92 Broa Aran 3
its in singapore,
go 2 truckers
and its the portal on ur mid-left
Nov 05 2010
MapleAndAcorn Level 135 Windia I/L Arch Mage
Okay, go to the map where Truckers is ( Singapore)
Then, you would see a second portal at the middle Platform.
That will take you to Ulu city =]
hope this helps ;D
Nov 05 2010
Whats at Ulu City?

->I have no idea how to get there[/quote]

New high-lvl training area added in last nights sm.
Nov 05 2010
shadow776 Level 200 Galicia Shadower
ya its at the truckers map in singapore. then to the top left then after that map its to the top right. u pretty much have to be at least 80 or so to get to it
Nov 05 2010

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