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Nov 06 10
Broa Mechanic 2
So I heard that UA Bowmasters will be about the same as a wild hunter, but I'm not sure.
Can anyone explain the details?
Because I don't really understand what bonuses come with UA's and normal adventurers.
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Nov 06 10*
ElNido Bow Master
Nothing change. Between UA and Non UA there is nothing really to jump up about. Same job=same skills. But UA get at lv 50 when non UA CAN get a lv 70. Its just another thing nexon came up with while speading our money. They just change the name oops not even and added some things. There not even a story line for them. They just pop outta nexon azz, I don't even understand why ppl can be hype for them + the skills is only somewhat usefull in 2job, 3job its pretty USELESS
MapleStory Screen: Ooss pq 120+ post-bb MapleStory Video: xXLosoWayXx Born
Nov 07 10
Broa Bow Master
Wth is an UA? Uber Archer? lol
Nov 07 10
Broa Mechanic 2
Lol it's an Ultimate Adventurer xD
Nov 07 10
Bellocan Bow Master
I'm going to have to say that the UA archer skill is pretty useless.
Both Arrow Bomb and Arrow rain will both be dominant over the new skill.
I think that UA classes do get like a power and hp/mp boost though.
So, IMO the only reason you would need to make an UA Archer would be for the HP boost.

In the comparison between Bow master and Wild Hunter,
Both classes are good, the only difference between who is stronger will be on funding and overall character control.
Nov 09 10
Windia Aran 4
PLUS wild hunters move a lot faster due to them being able to attack on their mount., however one question I had was will they still be able to use potions will riding their mount?
Nov 11 10*
Scania Aran 3
explain how a 200% hurricane (BM) is weaker than a 100% hurricane (WH)
Nov 12 10
Scania Aran 3
That's bull

Nice balancing Nexon
Nov 25 10*
Mardia Wind Archer 3
How much HP do UA Archers lose, do you reckon? I'm really curious, as I'm making a level 120 Wind Archer in hopes of making an UA Hunter.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and, FYI, the Cygnus skill Wind Piercing will do 750% damage x 6 mobs. That's plenty worth pursuing. And although Arrow Rain hits 10 enemies at 400% damage, what are the chances of getting 10 enemies in range? Even if you manage to, Wind Piercing will still do more damage by 500%. Inferno matches Wind Piercing's damage, but it takes 6.7 seconds to do so. And even then, you'll have to KO the last piece of HP on the monster, as the burn effect won't do that for you.

Essentially, the skill Wind Piercing is worth the trouble. In my opinion, it's even better than that 4th job skill that Marksmen have called "Piercing Arrow" because of its ability to be spammed.

If the HP lost from making an UA is 200-400, that's fine. The potential skill Hyper Body more than makes up for that. Considering that Bowmasters get a 10% HP skill called Marksmenship in their 4th Job, and that mobs have their damage significantly reduced, having a little HP deduction for making a UA is quite worth the sacrifice for the two skills they obtain.
Nov 25 10
Etherealize: Wild Hunter's version of Hurricane, Wild Balkan is also 200%. It got boosted. They have FA, with the same attack speed as Hurricane. xbow>bow in damage multiplier. Therefore, WH>BM in DPM.

Umm What?
Perhaps you have forgotten that Wild Balkan doesnt crit at all.
Crit is an extra 230% dmg(post big bang) including SE.
So our potentially 430% hurricane vs 200% Wild Balkan can't even be compared.
Bottom line Wild Balkan sucks.
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