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What do the Erasers do?

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What do the erasers do like those Mushmom Erasers.. I'm wondering because I have one.
Posted: November 2010 Permalink


Im pretty sure if you collect a few you can obtain a Frozen Tuna? Correct me if im wrong. (Tuna is very strong low level polearm)
Nov 15 2010
Sephie Level 200 Broa Paladin
You can turn them in to an NPC in Leafre for a one-day pass into Neo City.

This means you don't have to look for watches to get in...

If you haven't done the time traveling quests you should save your eraser.
Nov 15 2010
The erasers plus the hexagon necklace is to make a seal cushion chair. You need the hexagon necklace first to start the quest from Arwen in Ellinia in order to get the chair.
Nov 16 2010
LEGENDairy Level 112 Scania Wind Archer 3
1 Eraser by itself - Pass to Neo City (dunno how long)
6 Erasers by themselves - Frozen Tuna (get it from a guy in Aqua Road or Orbis Tower)
6 Erasers + Hexagon Necklace - Pink or Blue Seal Cushion (random reward from Arwen)
6 Erasers + Undine Cloth - Flaming Katana (get it from a sword NPC stuck in the ground in a Perion map)
Nov 16 2010

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