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Nov 15 10
What do the erasers do like those Mushmom Erasers.. I'm wondering because I have one.
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Nov 15 10
Im pretty sure if you collect a few you can obtain a Frozen Tuna? Correct me if im wrong. (Tuna is very strong low level polearm)
Nov 15 10*
Broa Paladin
You can turn them in to an NPC in Leafre for a one-day pass into Neo City.

This means you don't have to look for watches to get in...

If you haven't done the time traveling quests you should save your eraser.
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Nov 16 10
The erasers plus the hexagon necklace is to make a seal cushion chair. You need the hexagon necklace first to start the quest from Arwen in Ellinia in order to get the chair.
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Nov 16 10
KradiaGMS Dragon Knight
1 Eraser by itself - Pass to Neo City (dunno how long)
6 Erasers by themselves - Frozen Tuna (get it from a guy in Aqua Road or Orbis Tower)
6 Erasers + Hexagon Necklace - Pink or Blue Seal Cushion (random reward from Arwen)
6 Erasers + Undine Cloth - Flaming Katana (get it from a sword NPC stuck in the ground in a Perion map)

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