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Black Friday Sale

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Hello, I was wondering if the amounts of an item that's in the Black Friday sale is limited. An example is being limited to 50 cubes per person.
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rumor has it that they are limited
Nov 23 2010
Trends say yes, happened for past two years. Plus, it is logical and reasonable.

But, you can never be sure, so don't believe anything without authentic proof.[/quote]
This Black Friday Sale is different from previous, we got to pick which items we wanted to be on sale with the milestones. So a chance is there it won't be limited due to the changes involved with this Black friday Sale.
Nov 23 2010
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i think there is only a set amount of cubes being sold, for example 1000 cubes being sold, and once 0 you cant buy them anymore
Nov 23 2010
rareboy112 Level 201 Windia Luminous 4
Nov 23 2010
sparkshooter Level 183 Scania Bow Master sparkshooter

But you never know...

I'm pretty sure it would ruin the economy for unlimited amounts, so Nexon won't do it.
Nov 23 2010
We got to pick? When?[/quote]
Why are people so misinformed...the milestones are what we picked the items to be. They monitor our cash shop purchases...most bought items go on sale. Problem with this is that's all we are grtting.
Nov 23 2010
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