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"Account has been blocked. Please contact Billingpp@nexon.ne
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Dec 01 10
Scania Corsair
So any chance I'm getting my account back? First my main gets hacked and then i get banned from the company, after they did nothing about my char. GG
Dec 02 10
Broa Shadower
Go submit a legit ticket and say that if they un-ban you you will buy more NX(specify amount you want).
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Dec 02 10
Windia Corsair
froggie56: Email them thats what i did i got the account back after 2 weeks?

Yeah same here.
Dec 02 10
Scania Corsair
Oh man thank you.
Dec 02 10
Scania Battle Mage 4
email them at billingppnexon.net make sure u include your login only your login and they eventuallyly unban you it took me 12days some people 5 days
Dec 02 10*
Bera Paladin
did u buy nx with a gifted credit card ?
like visa gift cards or gift master cards
New MapleStory Screen: ATK 118 Nibleheim
Dec 02 10*
Scania Corsair
Claymore: did u buy nx with a gifted credit card ?
like visa gift cards or gift master cards

nope. all NX Prepaid cards

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