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Dec 08 10
Khaini Hero
No not the performance enhancing drug. The monster. Anyways lol what is the real name of it what map is it in and what major town? :o If its not to much trouble could someone tell me what lv they are how much exp and hp they have? Is it a flat platform?
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Dec 08 10
Mardia Mercedes 4
Local dealer, probably hangs out by gyms or the high school
MapleStory Screen: 50% bossing dualbowgun
Dec 08 10*
Scania Angelic Buster 4
im not sure about the map name, but i know its somewhere in magatia.
good spawn, its a straight path so yeah flat, and uhhh u can use basil to find stats. gl
Dec 08 10
Khaini Hero
Thanks furfarm
Dec 08 10
Scania Demon Slayer 3
C2 near Magatia.

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