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What did you achieve on your Bandit/CB/Shadower today?

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Gridmonkey Level 215 Scania Kanna 4
Version 2 since I'm kinda bored, the old one dropped off the face of Basil and this forum feels kind of empty without it. :>

Got as far as Regret 2 in Time Temple, going to use the free jewels off the ToT quests for the Star Rock needed to complete the Alcaster quests. Partying with random people is pretty awesome for completing these quests given how crowded the early parts of ToT are right now.
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killarob1118 Level 128 Scania Shadower
pros of today-reached lvl 80 (can put on my pirate gear)
cons of today- blew up my 89atk clean DT and 2atk PAC almost consecutively and have no mesos to buy another.
so yea
Dec 16 2010
finally got to level 35, and advanced onto level 36/37 before calling it a nights.. right now.

oh yeah, and leveled my ring(s).
Dec 16 2010
LongBeachBum Level 210 Nova Blade Master
118-120 and Job Advancement. Unfortunately, I cannot put points in any 4th Job skills because Nexon made 3 of my Sp disappear.
Dec 16 2010
Upgraded my ring, trained a little at gallos and uhhh...
I lvled to 120 and became a shadower after almost 3 years. (march 2008 - december 2010) YEY =D
Dec 16 2010
New Screen: 1337 =d
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