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What did you achieve on your Bandit/CB/Shadower today?

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Gridmonkey Level 215 Scania Kanna 4
Version 2 since I'm kinda bored, the old one dropped off the face of Basil and this forum feels kind of empty without it. :>

Got as far as Regret 2 in Time Temple, going to use the free jewels off the ToT quests for the Star Rock needed to complete the Alcaster quests. Partying with random people is pretty awesome for completing these quests given how crowded the early parts of ToT are right now.
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Went on him and maxed FJ and SP since I have been playing my DB for a while. Shads are amazing now with those 2 skills haha.
Dec 18 2010
I somehow got a vikerola map and leveled to 90!
Dec 19 2010
KajiReborn Level 171 Bera Battle Mage 4
Leveled to 106 and found a Chaos!
Dec 19 2010
trained to 87 (3lvls), was excited to equip my witchbelt, then used a potential scroll (90%) and lost my belt :'(

my only good item (7atk 2DEX)
and live goes on, and tomorrow is another day
Dec 19 2010
aaronthecow Level 202 Bera Shadower
Pb run with some friends went well at 4 am =)
Dec 19 2010
Just bought my khanjar now i have over 150m in equips on my CB. But now im thinking about making a white knight or outlaw >.<
Dec 19 2010
xVainGlory Level 168 Bera Shadower
I can't bring myself to play for more than 5minutes lol
Dec 19 2010
LitheMovement Level 176 Bellocan Night Lord
tried leveling up and found my attention being drawn away by either: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood; Halo: Reach; or Exit Path.
Dec 20 2010
Just got CB advance in Zenith! Grinding at Drum Bunnies for 3 hrs was tottaly worth it > Just needa find a training spot... hoping for 80 by the end of break...
Dec 20 2010
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