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What did you achieve on your Bandit/CB/Shadower today?

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Dec 09 10
Scania Kanna 4
Version 2 since I'm kinda bored, the old one dropped off the face of Basil and this forum feels kind of empty without it. :>

Got as far as Regret 2 in Time Temple, going to use the free jewels off the ToT quests for the Star Rock needed to complete the Alcaster quests. Partying with random people is pretty awesome for completing these quests given how crowded the early parts of ToT are right now.
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Dec 10 10*
Windia Shadower
Yamatoetoe: I was being stupid and forgot to switch from wearing HB pants to an overall before the patch; and as you know HB glitching as been patched. So my question is: should I stick with my 21/3 pants with HB and 6%luk on them and just have perma HB? Or switch to a 16/4 u/h 3 line pair and be HBless? :C Kinda ironic since I provided HB for most of my friends/guildmates yet I'm the one who got screwed over in the end

Do you really need HB anymore? +10% HP from Shadow Resistance, and 60% damage absorbed by MG makes it pretty hard to get 1HKO'd. I can tank over 12k without HB.
Dec 10 10
Windia Shadower
Only got from 50-52. Partly because of studying for finals and because i may be training at the wrong areas.
Dec 10 10
Bera Shadower
Meso explosion is pure hacks.
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Dec 10 10
Broa Shadower
Soloed Bigfoot in 2 minutes, that was epic lulz. Also did some PQ's that I haven't done in years. I kind of hate how lots of PQ's now are just kill stuff and you're done. What happened to team coordination?

I found one thing that I really dislike...Slashes and stabs lost their flashy, explosive flair. Remember when you got 60% mastery and your regular attack would get a flashy effect? Yeah, that's gone now...
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Dec 10 10
Mardia Demon Slayer 4
finally got to reset my sp
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Dec 10 10*
Bellocan Night Walker 4
Got my dit to level 40 today.

Now I'm kind of dumbfounded because I don't know what to do atm.. I think I'll start doing some quest and stuff in El Nath.
Dec 10 10*
Bera Shadower
Biotype: Do you really need HB anymore? +10% HP from Shadow Resistance, and 60% damage absorbed by MG makes it pretty hard to get 1HKO'd. I can tank over 12k without HB.

Yes you do.Think further ahead,you hit level 160 and you want to czak or ht (at the moment they made it so the bodies seduce>>> you get seduced into the body you die.Or for ht when I was trying to solo the tail after the legs died it kept seducing me into it and it hits 26k or something like that(wheels).Czak dispells(before bb it used to only used to seduce at the arms)so you get sed>> and if you have hb it gives you the extra hp you need to survive more hits if your bishop is slacking or preoccupied.

on topic I just did a tot quest and failed a gpq cause people dced.

xvainglory I didn't really try at zak yet I only did it before I reset points into meso mastery.
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Dec 10 10
Mardia Phantom 4
training to lvl 171 which is hard cuz i got the feeling bb didnt worked for me =(
Dec 10 10
Broa Noblesse
Level 84.
Dealing 2.2k~15k damage per Steal with SP active. Then there's Dark Flare, which I've just about got maxed. Figured after that I'll get Flash Jump, then start working on Meso Explosion/PP.
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Dec 10 10
Bera Shadower
Hit 100 ^_^.

Now if only I could update my player pic.
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