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What did you achieve on your Bandit/CB/Shadower today?

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Gridmonkey Level 215 Scania Kanna 4
Version 2 since I'm kinda bored, the old one dropped off the face of Basil and this forum feels kind of empty without it. :>

Got as far as Regret 2 in Time Temple, going to use the free jewels off the ToT quests for the Star Rock needed to complete the Alcaster quests. Partying with random people is pretty awesome for completing these quests given how crowded the early parts of ToT are right now.
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No idea how I'm going to train since I can't pick up any items through all the mesos dropping from pickpocket lol =x
Dec 13 2010
ghunbong Level 172 Windia I/L Arch Mage
I successfully leveled to level 100 today! First triple digit character Leveled 19 times in a week 81-100 SO HAPPY.
Dec 13 2010
lvling my shadower is on pause atm (lvl 144 44%) im lvling my Blaze Wizard atm to 120 so i could get lvl 12 BoF currently lvl 67, 7 lvls today, 3 lvls yesterday, got a sweet non truckers spot to train at which im keeping to myself..... ksing is insane at truckers good thing i got good timing or else i wouldnt have gained any lvls haha

blaze wizard is pretty fun actually, sucks meteor has a CD though i was looking forward to leeching my other characters pre BB but never got around to it. still needa transfer my 17int zhelm to him that i got from zak the day before BB

shadower related: cubed my overall, crap still, got a pair of 90 pants with potential and 120 gloves to cube for SE and HB and umm potentialed my dagger, 2 lines =((
Dec 13 2010
gabskings Level 167 Bera Shadower
Leveled to 119. 1 More!
Dec 13 2010
Cant find a good place to level, I'm too nice of a person to KS for a Gallos channel.
Dec 13 2010
triman14 Level 59 Windia Dawn Warrior 2
trained for a bit. gained like 30% and found a pot scroll and a tobi from brexons xD

L>training spots for a lvl 135 shad D:
Dec 13 2010
aaronthecow Level 141 Bera Blade Recruit
Passed a 60% luk scroll on my top.1 more hammer slot then its done.
Dec 13 2010
Ch40sM4g3 Level 101 Broa Blade Lord
Papped and Dojo'ed. I suspect Pap doesn't drop anything good anymore. He hasn't dropped a single skillbook even when I killed him during that 2x event this past Saturday.
Dec 13 2010
JeebusSon Level 211 Bera Shadower
Sold basically everything I had to sell putting me up to 2.4 bil. Soloed Scar and Targa at the same time again. Faster time this time at 23 minutes(beat old 28 min record)

So, now that I have all these mesos, comes the hard part.... Finding a 3 line VIP belt. Bleh. Everytime I get mesos saved for something, their prices skyrocket. Maple must really really hate me. >.>
Dec 13 2010
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