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Dec 09 10
ElNido Dawn Warrior 3
Hi I know there is a way to do some quests which as a result you can buy icies.

Can anyone tell me about the quests you need to do? And their levels?
When el nido first opened, there was a shop selling icies the first day, which I found odd, so the quests cant be that hard
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Dec 09 10
Bera Shadower
It's the quest from Taggrin to get 50 phantom seeds. Level 40+. Once you do it, talk to Mo to buy icies(and many other things).
Dec 09 10
Scania Night Walker 2
wait, he sells icies?
where on the list?
on the bottom cuz i only but all-cures(on top)
Dec 10 10
Scania Dawn Warrior 3
He sells them for 20k each i think...
Dec 10 10
Bera Wild Hunter 3
O if their selling icicles in a shop forget about doing the quest. The quest takes awhile because the drop isn't common or rare do it during the 2X drop period.
Dec 10 10
Broa I/L Arch Mage
McNutty: He sells them for 20k each i think...

Wasn't it 2k?
Dec 10 10
Scania Dawn Warrior 3
tyr2067: Wasn't it 2k?
Quite possibly, all i remember was that i was really surprised because people used to buy em for 200k, back when KPQ was packed =)
Dec 10 10
Windia Thunder Breaker 3
Go to NLC then go to the Haunted Mansion. From there, go to the right portal and in the next map go up the first rope you see and there will be a portal to your left. Go in and talk to the guy. He wants 50 Phantom Seeds. They drop from random trees around the forest that will attack you. If a tree attacks you, kill it and you have a 1/10 chance of a seed (approximate guess at the chance). WHen you get 50, finish the quest. Then you can access the store. Talk to the small dude next to the guy who gave you the quest and he sells stuff, including icies for 2k (2 thousand) mesos each.
Hope this helped.

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