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MapleStory won't load after HackShield.

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Title says all.
I've made another thread about this but it has died and I could not get any efficient answers.

So I tried logging in from both GameLauncher and Website, and when I get to the Hackshield and it loads, nothing happens.
MapleStory does not start.

Please help. Thanks so much!
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CTRL-ALT-DELETE and end the maplestory process. Happens all the time.
Dec 10 2010
restart and switch your browser.....
Dec 10 2010

Internet Explorer has been a real pain in the ass for me:
- It wont load any webpages at all.
- Once it opens it just sits there and does nothing and I can't exit out of it even though it's responsive.

I have played MapleStory smoothly at v91.. I don't see how this could suddenly happen.
Dec 10 2010
Try firefox, I know that works.

Opera on the other hand, does not
Dec 11 2010
Firefox and Chrome both don't work for me..
Dec 11 2010
did u try changing the flux capacitator?
Dec 11 2010
same problem happened to me, took me a good hour to find the answer but here is what i did

start -> my computer -> C: -> windows -> system32 -> drivers -> etc -> open hosts as note pad -> add a # on the lines of text without a # there
Dec 11 2010
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