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how to get to edelstein?

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hey guys , ummm this may sound a little noobie coming from me but i was wonder how you reach edelstein because when i check the map its there but i dont know the means of transport to get there - PLEASE HELP - all help is appreciated
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kirbyhyper Level 130 Kradia Paladin
You know how there's a rope at that centre of Victoria Island place and there's 3 ship docks? One takes you to Orbis, one to Ereve, and one to Edelstein.
Dec 11 2010
shadow4son Level 120 Khaini Night Walker 3
who thinks you can go there yet, are Resistance out yet?
Dec 11 2010
who thinks you can go there yet, are Resistance out yet?[/quote]

its an assumption considering that the equips are out in gms and ony **restistance** chars can open it and the map is opened .... just an assumption
thx fr the help so far guys
Dec 11 2010
kirbyhyper Level 130 Kradia Paladin
So you can actually go there?

It's technically not out yet, I believe Nexon put it in the world map on purpose since it's coming out soon or it was an accident and are too lazy to fix it haha[/quote]The portal doesn't work yet. And it probably won't until they actually release the first two Resistance classes.
Dec 11 2010
yeah just checked theres an entrance - but no portal T-T
Dec 11 2010

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