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Post Big-Bang Drop List

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Well, seeing as now monsters drop items that they used to not drop, I decided it would be nice to compile a list of monsters that drop not-so-common items. I will update this list regularly if I get enough posts, and I think this would help alot of people.

If this gets big enough, could a mod sticky this please?

Please submit info in this format (thanks zukari for the tips)
Item dropped
Monster that dropped item
Rate the drop rate common (under 1 hour), uncommon (2-3 hours), or rare (3 hours+).

2H Sword Acc 60%
Copper Drake

Please submit as much info as possible, and try to keep this thread alive, as it will help lots of people! Thanks for your help guys
  • Note: Sorry if I don't include some info you submit, but to prevent this list from being too cluttered, I need to omit some items that aren't in much demand/worth much, but your effort is greatly appreciated :]

You can use ctrl+f, then enter in the name of the item you're interested into the text box, to see where it turns up in the list.

  • *Note- Decided to include the KMS database link, credits to everyone who posted it before, but I was a bit sketchy about it since it was in Korean. Werewolfkiss, however, pointed out that pictures are pretty much all you need after translating the first page. However, this list is still useful for those of us who are lazy


Equip Enhancement Scroll
Kerning Mall CD (N/A)
Rexton (N/A)
Ghost Pirate (Common)
Blue Kentaurus (Rare)
Renegade Mushroom (Rare)
Wild Kargo (N/A)
Master Robo (Common)
Poison Poopa (N/A)
Roids (N/A)
Spirit Viking (Common)
Barnard Grey (Rare)
Dark Wvyern (Uncommon)
Drum Bunny (Rare)
Dark Sand Dwarf (N/A)
Leatty (Uncommon)
Dark Drake (Rare)
Mateon (Rare)
Royal Cactus (N/A)
Retz (Rare)
Mithril Mutae (Uncommon)
Mixed Stone Golem (Uncommon)
Flower Fish (N/A)
Phantom Watch (Uncommon)
Cactus (Common)
Pink Teddy (Rare)
Gigantic Spirit Viking (Rare)

Chaos Scroll
Captain (Uncommon)
Hankie (Uncommon)
Bone Fish (Common)
Dark Cornian (Uncommon)
Grizzly (Common)
Zombie Mushroom (N/A)
Drumming Bunny (N/A)
Papulatus (N/A)

Advanced Potential Scroll
Zakum (N/A)
Barnard Grey (Rare)

Potential Scroll
Renegade Mushroom (Rare)
Homunculus (Uncommon)
Panda Teddy (Common)
Sand Rat (Rare)
Trojan (Rare)
Cold Eye (Common)
Roid (N/A)
Dual Ghost (Uncommon)
Drum Bunny (N/A)
Dark Drake (N/A)
Werewolf (N/A)
Jr.Cactus (Rare)
Ligator (N/A)
Ratz (N/A)
Royal Cactus (N/A)
Red Dragon Turtle (Uncommon)
Chrono (Rare)
Krips (Rare)
Luster Pixie (N/A)
Desert Rabbit (F) (Uncommon)
Kerning Square CDs and all Mannequins (N/A)
King Block Golem (Uncommon)
Mixed Golem (N/A)
Death Teddy (Uncommon)
Master Robo (Common)
Officer Skeleton (N/A)
Gigantic Spirit Viking (Rare)
Grupin (Rare)

Assorted Scrolls
Helmet Int 60%- Gigantic Vikings (N/A), Homunculus (Rare)
Bottom Dex 60%- Retz/Ratz (N/A), Pink Teddy (Rare)
All King Pepe Scrolls- Mushroom Dungeon Monsters (Uncommon)
Staff M.Atk 60%- Death Teddy (N/A), Snackbar (Common), Homunculus (Rare), Jester (N/A)
Dagger Atk 60%- Blue Mushmom (Common), Jr. Rog (Uncommon), Zeno (Common), (Chief?) Qualm Guardian (N/A), Yabber Doo (Rare)
Claw for Atk 60%- Kerning Mall CD (N/A), Drumming Bunny (Uncommon), Miner Zombie (N/A), Jr.Balrog (Common), Ghost Pirate (Uncommon)
Shield Luk 60%- Dual Ghosts (Uncommon), Sand Rat (Rare), Poison Mushroom (N/A), Clang/Tortie? (Uncommon), Alishar (N/A)
Katara Atk 60%- Officer Skeleton? (N/A), Rexton (Rare), Ratz (Rare)
XBow Atk 60%- Vikerola (Rare), Snackbar (Common)
Bow Atk 60%- Dark Drake (N/A), Snackbar (Common), Jr. Balrog (Common)
1H Sword Atk 60%- Snackbar (Common), Jr. Balrog (Common)
2H Sword Atk 60%- Snackbar (Common)
Spear Atk 60%- Snackbar (Common)
Polearm Atk 60%- Snackbar (Common)
Wand M.Atk 60%- Snackbar (Common)
Shoe Speed 60%- Faust (N/A)
Overall Luk 60%- Spear Pepe (Rare)
Cape Luk 60%- Dual Ghost (N/A)
Gun Atk 60%- Dual Ghost (N/A), Pink Teddy (Uncommon)
GFA 60%- Gallopera (Rare), Timer (Common)

Throwing Stars

Dark Drake (Common)
Roid (Common)
Homunculus (Common)
Vikerola (N/A)
Ghost Pirate (Common)
Qualm Monk (Common)
Pink Teddy (N/A)
Saitie (Common)
Red Dragon Turtle (Common)
Scuba Pepe/Jr.Seal? (Uncommon)
Chrono (Rare)
Flower Fish (Common)
Selkie Jr. (Rare)
Reindeer (N/A)

Scorpion (Common)
Blue Wyvern (N/A)
Rexton (Common)
Homunculus (Common)
Ratz (N/A)
Mithril Mutae (Uncommon)
Cactus (Common)
Booper Scarlion (N/A)
Taurospear (Common)
Gigantic Spirit Viking (Common)

Wolfspider (Uncommon)
Lycanthrope (Rare)
Dual Birk (N/A)
Mushmom (N/A)
Spirit Viking (Rare)

Black Kentaurus (Rare)
Red Wyvern (Uncommon)
Primitive Boar (N/A)
Blood Harp (Common)
Chipmunk (Rare)
Buffy (Common)


Shiny Bullets- Gigantic Spirit Viking (N/A)
Split Bullets- Greatest Hits CD (Common)
Vital Bullets- Captain (Uncommon), Iron Mutae (N/A), Spirit Viking (Uncommon), Sage Cat (N/A)


Equips 1-30
Red Whip- Drumming Bunnies (Common), King Block Golem (Common)
Black Bandana- Murmuru (Common), Orange Mushroom (Common)
Red Bandana- Blue Snail (Common)
Blue Bandana- Blue Snail (Common- ONLY on maple island)
Yellow Bandana- Shroom (Common), Orange Mushroom (Common- ONLY on maple island)
Jurgen Wristguard- Ligator (Common)
Esther Shield- Dead Scarecrow (Uncommon), Zombie Mushroom (Common)
Nimble Wristguard- Malady (Common)

Equips 31-70
Strawberry Earrings- Nest Golem (N/A)
Korean Fan- Yeti Claw Machine (Common), Freezer (N/A)
Holy Cross Earrings- Grizzly (Common), Samiho (Common)
Pink-Flowered Earrings- White Fang (Common)
Blue Gaia Cape- White Fang (Uncommon)
Gold Drop Earrings- Captain (N/A)
Green Napoleon- Hector (Common)
Red Magic Cape- Kargo (Common)
White Gaia Cape- Captain

Equips 71-120
Black Seraph Cape- Death Teddy (N/A), Blood Harp (N/A)
Rose Earrings- Bone Fish (N/A), Bain (Common)
Metal Heart Earrings- Dual Ghosts (Common)
Sword Earrings- Blue Mushmom (N/A)
White Seraph Cape- Hankie (N/A), Captain (N/A)
Half Earrings- Hankie (N/A), Blood Harp (N/A), Captain (N/A)
Red Seraph Cape- Taurospear (Uncommon)
Purple Giles Cape- Gobie (Uncommon)
Meteor Katara- Risell Squid (Uncommon), Phantom Watch (N/A)
Fairfrozen- Blood Harp (N/A)


Black Crystal Ore
Drum Bunny (Common)
Brexton (Common)
Luster Pixie (N/A)
Roid (Common)
Tippu Red (N/A)
Tippu Blue (N/A)
Vikerola (Common)
Dark Stone Golem (N/A)
Wraith (N/A)
Taurospear (Common)
Dark Pepe (N/A)
Dark Jr. Yeti (Uncommon)
Phantom Watch (N/A)
Gigantic Spirit Viking (N/A)
Wolf Spider (Common)
Dark Drake (Common)

Dark Crystal Ore
Vikerola (Common)
Grizzly (Uncommon)
Drumming Bunny (Common)
Phantom Watch (N/A)
Roid (Common)

Stat Crystal Ores
DEX- Death Teddy (Common)

Maker Items

Purple Powder- Brexton (Common), Rexton (Common), Homun (Common)
Green Powder- Mixed Golem (Common), Homun (Uncommon), Trucker (Uncommon)
Blue Powder- Mixed Golem (Common), Trucker (Uncommon), Drake (Common)
Black Powder- Malady (N/A), Phantom Watch (Rare), Gigantic Spirit Viking (N/A), Dual Ghost (N/A), Dark Drake (Common), Mr.Alli (Common), Grupin (Common)
Yellow Powder- Selkie Jr. (N/A), Slimy (N/A)
Red Powder- Dual Ghost (N/A), Mithril Mutae (Common)
White Powder- Dual Ghost (N/A)

Mastery Books

Intrepid Slash 20- Memory Monk Trainee (Uncommon)
Intrepid Slash 30- Death Teddy (N/A)
Chain Lightning 30- Herb Town Jar (Rare)
Blast 30- Papulatus (N/A), Homun (N/A)
Triple Throw 30- Rexton (Rare)
Blaze 30- Green Cornian (Rare)
Guardian 30- Bellflower Root (Common)
Wild Arrow Blast 20- Hankie (N/A)
Bots n' Tots 20- Dual Ghost (Rare)
Overswing 30- Spirit Viking (Rare)
Genesis 20- Oblivion Guard (N/A)
Piercing 30- Homunculus (Rare), Dual Pirate (Uncommon)
Assassinate 30- Homunculus (Rare), Ghost Pirate (Uncommon)
Big Bang 30- Captain (Rare)
Dark Fog 30- Gigantic Spirit Viking (N/A)
Enrage 30- Rexton (Rare)
Genesis 30- Blue Wyvern (N/A)
Bow Mastery 30- Gigantic Spirit Viking (N/A)
Shadow Shifter 20- Ghost Pirate (N/A)
High Mastery 30- Bone Fish (N/A)
Barrage 20- Rash (Common)
Boomerang Step 20- Dark Yeti (N/A), Soul Teddy (N/A), Lyka (N/A)
Battleship Cannon 30- Gallopera (Rare), Lyka (N/A)
Infinity 20- Red Dragon Turtle (Uncommon)
Maple Warrior 20- Red Dragon Turtle (Rare)
Final Blow 20- Dual Pirate (Uncommon)
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pin0yb0y13 Level 141 Scania Shadower
Dark Drakes
I wasn't paying attention xD
Dec 11 2010
LEGENDairy Level 112 Scania Wind Archer 3
Should become a guide. A thread has limited space..
Dec 11 2010
Galdone Level 105 KradiaEMS Marksman
Dark Crystal Ore: Drumm Bunnys got in 8mins with 2x drop?
(friend of mine got in hour of 2x drop 6)
Dec 11 2010
Zukari Level 107 Bera I/L Arch Mage
Try to organize this a bit better (it could get extremely cluttered if you let it).

I got..

Brown Piettra (F)
Passing through

Blue Shouldermail
Drumming Bunny
Found tons of these in just about an hour; VERY common

Ocher Shouldermail Pants
Drumming Bunny
Few an hour

Dark Moss Boots
Drumming Bunny
1 hr~

Red Whip
Drumming Bunny
Few an hour

Dark Crystal Ore
Drumming Bunny
Few an hour

These are the items I have for now. Honestly, I think the time spent to get it is pretty pointless, as some people may find the same item in less than 5 minutes. If anything, put "common", "uncommon", "rare", etc.
Dec 11 2010
ekfsksk Level 132 Broa Aran 4
Scorpions, or was it sandrats?
Dec 12 2010
Homunculus ( think thats the spelling )
20 - 25 mins
Dec 12 2010
I was hoping for something like this

Black Bandana
Murmuru (2nd most powerful training monster on Ereve (aran place)
Black Bandana
10-15 mins

Blue Snail
Red Bandana
5-10 mins
Dec 12 2010
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