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ekfsksk Level 132 Broa Aran 4
where should i train? im currently training on neo huroids but its kinda slow.
and i think il miss at gallos and its too crowded anyways..
so any suggestions?
Posted: December 2010 Permalink


go to gallos even though its crowded its wonderful exp you don't need the whole map...
Dec 15 2010
how much exp and hp vikerolas giveS?
Dec 15 2010
setget Level 149 Yellonde Zero Transcendent
go to gallos even though its crowded its wonderful exp you don't need the whole map...[/quote]

gallos is terrible exp when its too crowded.

OT: i heard elder wraiths had good exp
Dec 15 2010
I'm having the same troubles. I am a 107 Aran.

I don't want to go Gallopera because it's far too crowded. I tried Homunculi at Magatia but got bored. I tried Dreamy Ghosts and liked the environment, but it's a bit slow (0.3-0.4 per kill, mostly 0.3). I tried Petrifighters too, but the mobs were too small and move too slowly (I also miss every 5 hits or so), and there are these deadly stunning monsters on the map before the pure spawn one.

I tried Sharks/Cold Sharks but they kept dispelling me, although I should mention they have pretty good drops. I tried the mini pirate dungeon but it got old. I tried Nightshadows but it's slower than Dreamy Ghosts. Hmmmm.....
Dec 16 2010
himes is good....gallos is sooo crowded now, that i can actually level faster and without hassle at himes
Dec 16 2010

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