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level 90+ training spots

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Dec 13 10
Broa Aran 4
where should i train? im currently training on neo huroids but its kinda slow.
and i think il miss at gallos and its too crowded anyways..
so any suggestions?
MapleStory Screen: Ghost
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Dec 15 10
Bera Shadower
train at vikerolas
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Dec 15 10
Mardia Kaiser 4
go to gallos even though its crowded its wonderful exp you don't need the whole map...
Dec 15 10
Mardia Wild Hunter 3
how much exp and hp vikerolas giveS?
Dec 15 10
Windia Evan 9th Growth
halloffame52: go to gallos even though its crowded its wonderful exp you don't need the whole map...

gallos is terrible exp when its too crowded.

OT: i heard elder wraiths had good exp
Dec 16 10*
Broa Aran 4
I'm having the same troubles. I am a 107 Aran.

I don't want to go Gallopera because it's far too crowded. I tried Homunculi at Magatia but got bored. I tried Dreamy Ghosts and liked the environment, but it's a bit slow (0.3-0.4 per kill, mostly 0.3). I tried Petrifighters too, but the mobs were too small and move too slowly (I also miss every 5 hits or so), and there are these deadly stunning monsters on the map before the pure spawn one.

I tried Sharks/Cold Sharks but they kept dispelling me, although I should mention they have pretty good drops. I tried the mini pirate dungeon but it got old. I tried Nightshadows but it's slower than Dreamy Ghosts. Hmmmm.....
Dec 16 10
Broa Spearman
himes is good....gallos is sooo crowded now, that i can actually level faster and without hassle at himes

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