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Dec 14 10
Scania Cleric
Does anyone have a full undead monster list?
I'm level 50 cleric now and I've been training on scarecrows for a while, and I can probably keep training on them till 55.
Problem is, I have no idea what to train on after+the chimney place is pretty crowded.
Please help
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Dec 14 10
ElNido Priest
so far, what i have down is:
1-45 z lupins.
45-60 scarecrows
65-70 jesters.
but i dont know what is 60-65
Dec 14 10
Here is what you want to do. get to 30 become cleric then your leveling goes as suck

30-33/35 Zombie lupins till you feel comfy or grab some friends and do mush kingdom

35-45 East of perion you want to train on skell dogs, generals/ warriors there every good exp till 45

45-65 Scarecrows if you wanna heal level it'll go slow near the end but hey it's what you have to do to level alone

65-70 Jesters or chornos if you wanna try your luck

70-75 chornos till you can level with priest stuff

and all of this doesnt matter if you can find a party and level with them if you can do mush kindom then kerning city, and then PQ's are good exp monster 2v2.
Dec 14 10
Windia Aran 3
for me it was scarecrow til 63 and then i found hoodoos and voodoos which is good enough from 60 til 64/65
Dec 14 10
Windia Bow Master

Click on monsters and then element weakness list :]
Dec 14 10
ElNido Priest
is there a good spawn map for hoodoos/voodoos?

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