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Dec 14 10
Bera Paladin
So I'm trying to train my wk at roids, but the security camera botcatcher keeps popping up. I've tried smacking everything available on the map, clicked all over, tried dropping ect pieces to no avail. How do I get rid of this thing? The only results I can find for it is for Room 202, and I'm in Area C-1. Help is appreciated.
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Dec 14 10
Bera Corsair
You just kill it like it's any other monster/boss.
Dec 14 10
Bera Fighter
its easy to kill just use a few pots when its hitting you
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Dec 14 10
Bera Paladin
wow, that was annoyingly simply D: I figured if I hit the stupid thing, it would tele me back to town. Thank you >_<
New MapleStory Screen: 172 beauty coupons, part 2
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