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Which quest must I do to open Alcaster's shop?

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Dec 15 10
The one that sells summoning rocks, elixirs, etc.

I figure it would be pretty useful.
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Dec 15 10
Bera Hero
you have to do all the alcaster quests they are like 31?
Dec 15 10
Bellocan Cannoneer 1
I think it was the Book of Ancient quest but idk
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Dec 15 10
Khaini Bishop
It takes a long ass time, really useful if you have door.
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Dec 15 10
Bera Mechanic 4
Its called In Search of the Ancients.. Yea it takes a long time
Dec 15 10
Windia Night Lord
If you never want to travel up or down Orbis Tower you will need around 14 Orbis Rock Scrolls.
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Dec 15 10
Scania Shadower
In Search of Book of Ancient and this one after then you can get to his shop
Dec 15 10
Windia Aran 4
You just have to finish all the quests that he gives you. If you're a lower level, you have less to do.
Dec 15 10
Broa Shadower
pissed because my mage had those quest done and I was always buying rock for my cuz hermit... get on after big bang and I cant buy any rocks because I haven't done the quest! Im like omg then I look at the medal for finishing 800 quest (I was at 793) now Im back down to 200 >_< what the h3llblazis happening
Dec 15 10
Bera Night Lord
how much mesos does alcaster sell for?
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