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Dec 17 10
Zenith F/P Mage
As title says how would I get to Twisted Jesters?
MapleStory Screen: Basil lovers!
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Dec 17 10
Khaini Phantom 3
go inside the haunted house and go all the way up to the punpkin chimney then use the trampoline things to get all the way to the top
MapleStory Screen: Gm trivia event
Dec 17 10
Khaini Bow Master
to to nlc, go to left and take big taxi, go into the house. go to the top floor of that house, click up on the fireplace, then do the jump thing. wahla there
Dec 17 10*
Broa Fighter
um what the above said if you must go.
Dec 17 10
Bera Night Lord
1)Go to Haunted mansion (inside the mansion where the monsters are)
2) go to the top where u see a fire place.
3)Go in the fireplace
4) do the jumpquest thingy (to the top)
5)Go in.
6)Ks ppl
8)P ppl off
9)start some arguments with some p-ed ppl
10)lvl up
Dec 17 10
Broa Sniper
It's alot of ksing and high levels just raping everything lol. Find a party and go. Good luck trying it alone
MapleStory Screen: Weird potential - auto-steal
Dec 17 10
Scania Blade Recruit
Seriously try searching up first. >.> <~ Route To Jester. =-="
Dec 17 10
Scania Angelic Buster 4
for the chimney jesters, follow everyone above.
for the toy rm jesters (4 spawns) go:
enter mansion
go to the second floor and enter the door on the left
u should be in the rm named "where am i?"
if u r in this rm, go to the top right door.
Dec 17 10
Bera Dark Knight
1. go to kerning.
2. go to subway
3. buy a ticket
4. take subway to NLC
5. go to the far left of the map
6. click on hummer thing
7. enter the gates of the freaky house in the middle of new map
8. go to the top of the house
9. go through the fire place
10. do a 5-10 seconds worth of a jump quest
11. go through the top portal with a demented clown (jester) on it
12. nothin else except for ks time. usually 3-7 people on a small map

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