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Battle Mages benefit more from Elemental Staves than AMs.
MapleStory Forums : General MapleStory : General MS questions and answers
Dec 17 10
Bellocan Hero
I looked into the issues regarding Elemental Weapons, and I noticed something. Elemental Staves are Fast(4) while almost every viable staff is slow. In fact, the VIP Staff is slow(8). So let's do some math.
Also, I will ignore the Matt increase from the Staff. It's quite obvious that the high Matt is already a great advantage in spite of the luk requirement.

Battle Mage:
Delay Formula:
Delay * (10 + Weapon Speed - Booster)/16, then round up to the nearest multiple of 30m. (the rounding is unneeded in this type of comparison)/

VIP Staff:
Delay * (10 + 8 - 2)/16 = 1 * Delay

Elemental Staff (any, doesnt matter):
Delay * (10 + 4 - 2)/16 = 3/4 * Delay

Now to compare the delays:
1 Delay / 3/4*Delay = 1.333...

To translate that into a DPM increase (current minus initial = change), that would be about a 33.333...% increase. This is a higher DPM increase than mages obtained from the 25%/10% bonuses that nexon removed...
Basically, AM and Evans now get a 0% increase for using the proper element, and Battle Mages get a 33.333% increase for just equiping the Staff. Good Going Nexon.

If you think this is pathetic and ridiculous, then please complain to them here: http://forum.nexon.net/MapleStory/forums/6382328/ShowThread.aspx
Here: http://support.nexon.net/
And please sign this: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/elemental-wands-staves

Note: All other mages attacking speed is not based on the weapon speed at all (except maybe explosion). Their attacking speed is purely based on their skill's delays and booster speed.
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Dec 17 10
Mardia Blade Lord
Nexon already said they would be changing how Elemental Staves would work, so I recommend to everyone complaing to just wait a while and see what they come up with. Either way, I doubt that they would add Battle Mages without making some changes to those staves.
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Dec 17 10
Bera Shadower
misleading title... it should be Battle Mages benefit from FAST Staves... but that should be obvious
Dec 17 10
Scania Night Lord
except bishops have never had an elemental staff for themselves hence why he didn't bring bishops into the equation
Dec 17 10
Broa Night Lord
No, no mages besides BMs use speed. Why else would they have a Booster skill in 3rd job?

Think before you speak.
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Dec 17 10
Bellocan Hero
DecoyChicken: misleading title... it should be Battle Mages benefit from FAST Staves... but that should be obvious


Look at that list. The highest level Fast Staff there is the Pyogo Mushroom, and its only fast (5) and has 70 less MAtt. The only other viable high level staves that arent slow are the Arcannon and Doomsday staff, and they are 2 speeds slower and have 60 less Watt.

Also, the highest level Fast(4) staff that isnt an Elemetnal Staff is Evil Wings, with only 80 Matt.

So my title is not misleading, because BM's are getting a greater advantage from other viable weapons than the AM's get.
Dec 17 10
Khaini Kanna 4
I read it all with growing interest, until you asked us to sign a petition.

Seriously people, you are like lemmings.
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Dec 17 10
Khaini Evan 9th Growth
well well... Nuff said that Wands is more harder to buy because it's luckless weapons but Staffs are cheap but had high luck requirement.... ? but if you looking for lv 163 ones... they are end game yeah but it is bit more harder to find.... because it carries powerful potentials if you cube it...
Dec 17 10
Khaini Night Walker 3
...?... really a petition....

Before the elemental bonus from the staff was removed BaMs wouldn't get the bonus anyway.
Dec 17 10
Windia Paladin
shadow4son: ...?... really a petition....

Before the elemental bonus from the staff was removed BaMs wouldn't get the bonus anyway.

They would, however, have had a reduction. Nexon removed the bonuses and reductions. This means bishops and battle mages can use them if they really feel like it.
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