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Where to find lvl.40+ equips

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Hey Basilers, need help with a problem I'm having. I need to find lvl 40 equips, but I have NO idea where to get them. I'm lvl 40 at the moment. I also have 50 dex as my cap. Please help me with this, as I need to get new equips(still wearing lvl 30 overall and lvl 20 shoes).
Posted: December 2010 Permalink


Ludi weapon NPC actually sells the lvl 40 polearm for about 300k..
Dec 20 2010
Pretty sure orbis or ludi sells levl 40 equipment.

If not, you could always... Idk. Use basil?
Dec 20 2010
Actually smart one makers skill is 45+.....
Dec 20 2010
Maker = 50+ smartguy[/quote]


just skip the level 40 equipment?
Dec 20 2010
Galdone Level 105 KradiaEMS Marksman

Dec 20 2010
Thought El Nath and Ludi weapon sellers sold 40-70 equips.
Dec 20 2010
Try CPQing for maple coins, you shouldn't need a lot for a level 40 weapon.
Dec 20 2010

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