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Dec 20 10
Hey! Well, this is too see, did you reserve your name?
If yes, what name ?
I reserved: Jaguaaar
Pro, right? (imo)
And, are you guys gonna attempt to get Jaira?
MapleStory Screen: Spadow drawing :d
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Dec 20 10
I reserved feralcavalry
MapleStory Screen: Wild hunter damage at 80
Dec 20 10*
I reserved TuffNuts
Dec 20 10
Bera Bishop
reserved WildFusion
MapleStory Screen: Kaiser drawing
Dec 20 10
Khaini Evan 9th Growth
FurrySFX. I can't remember why.
Dec 20 10
i got CallMeWild (Wild is with an i)
Dec 20 10
Scania Hero
Colourinq - reserved
MapleStory Screen: 10 mins on paint.
Dec 20 10
Nice guys Like "Jaguaaar"
MapleStory Screen: Spadow drawing :d
Dec 20 10
Dec 20 10
Khaini Aran 4
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