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Dec 21 10
Zenith Battle Mage 4
hi just wondering what times exactly jaira spawns, and if anybody has caught one yet. screeny's please? =P
thanks guys
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Dec 21 10
Windia Blade Lord
Just in case, whats 8-9 AM in Pacific time? o-o
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Dec 21 10
There's a pic of it on the server select screen, so i'm sure it exists.
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Dec 21 10
Broa Bow Master
nxmk: KMS has it. Most of the demo vids of Wild Hunters use Jairas.

It spawns one a channel every 8am Korean Time in KMS. There are two theories in that it will spawn 8am PST since GMS runs on PST. Or every 1.5 hours, which is a new theory flying around the airwaves.
Dec 21 10
Bera Shadower
Jaira has to exist, if it doesn't then what is that jagaur on the server selection screen? It has glowing eyes and seems a tad bit darker than normal.
Dec 21 10
It is in gms for the thousandth time its in the data
Dec 21 10
Bera Blade Recruit
it exists i saw one go zooming by me lol.
Dec 21 10
Zenith Battle Mage 4
@ above poster. impossible. according to almost all the other posters it spawned 8-9am in KMS and when wild hunter came out, it was past 9am so its impossible for the day. also people say that they've beeen there for hours and nothing so it doesnt spawn every 1.5 hours.
Dec 21 10
Zenith Dark Knight
What makes jaira so special?
Gimme exact stats and stuff
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Dec 21 10
Scania Blade Master
"oh god... Oh my god! It's everywhere!"
Dec 21 10*
Mardia Mercedes 4
est time is 14hrs behind korea and pst is 17hrs behind korea
so 8-9am korea is
6-7pm est time and 3-4pm pst time (the previous day for both) if my math isnt wrong

example its currently 2pm tuesday in korea and its 12am est time tuesday aswell as 9pm pst time monday
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