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how to get to mushking empire?

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i haven't been able to find mushking empire since big bang. anyone know how to get there?
Posted: December 2010 Permalink


I'd also like to know where the mushking empire was moved to, any help would be appreciated. thank you.
Dec 23 2010
i'm assuming you guys also don't know how to press 'w' and open up your world maps[/quote]
i've looked through world map and couldnt find
Dec 23 2010
...How can you NOT find it? It's still just as visible as it always was.

The Zombie Mushie map holds the portal to the Mushroom Kingdom. :I
Dec 23 2010
You go to henesys, go to the portal on the far right, keep going into those portals, then eventually you'll see some thorny bushes with a portal
Dec 23 2010
since i can't make a thread for today, is going to ellin forest still the same?
Dec 23 2010

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