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"ERROR CODE = -60: Downloading failed. (43206,0)"

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SO I was trying to patch maplestory on both of my laptops (I have a windows 7 laptop and a windows vista one). Both laptops were getting the same error (gamelauncher.exe file is corrupt) or something like that, and it said to re-install maple. So that's what I've done on this laptop (leaving the other one for now). I've tried OVER AND OVER, but I keep getting the same error after the 1199.99 mb installation FULLY FINISHES. >_< I also tried the msdownloader, which is in the support section of the nexon website, and it simply freezes and crashes my entire computer after a given amount of time.

I'd REALLY like to get on maple to get my rings =(
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Rly it was like hour for me maybe the time will go down I have 4 mins left crosses fingers

Ill tell you if i installed it
Dec 21 2010
*crosses fingers for you* ^^
Dec 21 2010
i also had this same error..anyone know the solution?
Dec 21 2010
Installing :O holds breath it's all ready 9:30pm here I need to upgrade my rings

woooooooooooooot it's works
Dec 21 2010
I just started the old download too. Says it'll take 2 hours =( I'll wait and hope it doesn't crash half way through.
Dec 21 2010
I'm gunna see if I can start game

Yup I'm playing yayz
Dec 21 2010
Yup I'm waiting for my ring to up grade on my mule
Dec 21 2010
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