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Catching the Water Thief Monsters

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How the hell do I open the storage room? How many monsters do I have to kill and how many waters do I have to collect?
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U need like 20 or 30. U gotta stand there and spam the up arrow cuz only 1 person in at a time and everyone else is spamming the up arrow like 'I WANTZ TO GO LEVEL MOAR PLZZZZZ'
Dec 21 2010
kukubandit Level 93 Bera Outlaw
I think you only need 10, but get 20 just in case.
You get the resistance chair after completion
Dec 21 2010
lunarsun221 Level 107 Mardia Marauder
Only one person can be in the storage room at once, so you have to wait. The minimum you need is 10, that's if you drop fast. I was lagging once and screwed up so I didn't even make it with 31.
Dec 21 2010
Jcampos Level 151 Bera Marksman
i cant get it to go up all the way... i used like 40 bottles!@
Dec 21 2010
you have to drop them 1 at a time. Just get 10 then spam drop 1 and wait
Dec 21 2010
Use 10, one by one, and spam up on teh portal to get in.
Dec 21 2010
Whenever I try to get the monsters they wont drop the water..
Dec 21 2010

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