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Catching the Water Thief Monsters

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How the hell do I open the storage room? How many monsters do I have to kill and how many waters do I have to collect?
Posted: December 2010 Permalink


U need like 20 or 30. U gotta stand there and spam the up arrow cuz only 1 person in at a time and everyone else is spamming the up arrow like 'I WANTZ TO GO LEVEL MOAR PLZZZZZ'
Dec 21 2010
kukubandit Level 93 Bera Outlaw
I think you only need 10, but get 20 just in case.
You get the resistance chair after completion
Dec 21 2010
you have to drop them 1 at a time. Just get 10 then spam drop 1 and wait
Dec 21 2010
Use 10, one by one, and spam up on teh portal to get in.
Dec 21 2010
Whenever I try to get the monsters they wont drop the water..
Dec 21 2010

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