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Dec 22 10
Khaini Night Lord
"Trouble logging in? Try logging in again from"
I've gotten this message before, but never has it been this bad.
After picking a channel, it freezes for about 10 seconds, and the message appears. This has been happening for the past hour or so.
This morning it was working fine. I've tried logging into the official site several times and tried to start the game from the launcher as well, but the same thing happens regardless.
I don't believe it's anything to do with my computer, nor my internet connection. Can anyone help? =/
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Dec 22 10
Nova Hero
Im having an issue too,not sure what to say because its Maple not accepting the password and re-installing wouldnt help.

It's funny,they make a event that forces players to play for atleast 1 hour but alot of people cant even log into characters or the game itself.
Dec 22 10
It's been occurring for me for the past 3 days or so since Resistance came out.
For around 2 hours I wouldn't be able to log in, then when I do, it would be fine for 4 hours, then I can't log in anymore..
Bugger :
Dec 22 10
Windia Hero
Try logging in from!
Dec 22 10
Broa Priest
Same problem here....
Dec 22 10
Windia Blaze Wizard 3
holy cow! I just posted a new thread about this problem.......dang it, i really want to play again
Dec 22 10*
Linguish: Try logging in from!

That doesn't work either, same problem, only difference is it gets stuck at Channel screen

EDIT: I sincerely apologise if it was sarcastic. However, my reply is also a heads up for people, who take your sarcastic statement seriously, to know that the website does not work.
Dec 22 10
Windia Hero
TehRain: Sarcasm...
Dec 22 10
Bera Bandit
damm at least you could of logged in some of us its been a while
Dec 23 10*
Maybe it will work again after a SC..
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