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Scroll for armor for str 60% HELP

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From Cassandra's event I got a scroll for armor for str 60% (adds 2 str). Is this a rare event prize? What equips does it work on (str scrolled helms w/o the chaos madness)? Is it worth anything?
Yes, it's tradeable.
Edit 2: Traded one of the FM spaming computers, and they just exited trade. They dunno prices either xD.
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It works on any piece of armor with a slot, it worked on my Zhelm.
Dec 23 2010
You where asking for a price, i said i didnt knew and gave you a free bumb, whould you rather have no comments? -.-
Dec 23 2010
Lol thanks guys and alex your da best. since it works on helms... Scroll for helmet for str 60%. Does anyone know if they were THAT common?
Dec 23 2010
I got one for armor luk yesterday. I'm kinda curious about these things, too.
Dec 23 2010
Great, they seem common.
Dec 23 2010
rolson Level 82 Bellocan Hunter
U can get them from some mosters but 60% is really rare it was worth pre big bang around 25 mil
If 2 people hae gotten it i would say 22 mil
Dec 23 2010
I've never seen one pre-big bang...
Dec 23 2010
Its not JUST for a certain piece of armor. Its for ANYTHING that has a slot that you can scroll.
Dec 24 2010
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