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How do I get my Resistance Ring?

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Dec 24 10
Scania Mercedes 4
I just got my Wild Hunter to level 70 today. Nexon said they would give a ring that's like a Level 3 Lilin's Ring if you got a Resistance character to level 70, but I haven't gotten mine yet. How do I get the ring?
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Dec 25 10
Bellocan Blade Master
RavenousHaze: You need to do EVERY job quests

if they r the ones with the "[Required]" next to them, i have done those up till lvl 70
Dec 25 10
including the mine quests?
Dec 25 10
ElNido Jett 4
GhostOfSparta: if they r the ones with the "[Required]" next to them, i have done those up till lvl 70

That's what I'm wondering...I've been avoiding them cause I want my Nido bandana.
Dec 25 10
Arcania Battle Mage 4
Oh crap your the first one I know who has it. Did you do all quests from resistance?
Dec 25 10
Scania Ranger
by all the quests
do u include all the quests in eldeistein?
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Dec 25 10
Bera Aran 3
Looks like I need to do those useless quests on my Wild Hunter before I job advance to get the ring.
Dec 25 10*
Windia Zero Transcendent
Omg can u tell us how exactly you got it or what you did to get it. I'm like frikken lvl 100 on my wild hunter and I never got it
Dec 25 10
Khaini Corsair
WTF all the job quests?
Dec 25 10*
Scania I/L Arch Mage
I did not do any Resistance or Edelstein quests after around level 18, other than the job advancement ones.

I just saw the quest when I went to Ferdi to advance at 70... Didn't do anything special. =/
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Dec 26 10
i did every quest and didnt get my ring
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